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Inventory for Handmade Sellers (previously called Batch Makers)

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What unit of measurement am I supposed to be using for my materials?Am I supposed to enter inventory on both my Seller Spreadsheet AND my inventory spreadsheet?How do I deal with paint, glitter, things that are hard to measure?What if I buy the same material over and over again? Do I just increase my units or do I need to enter it on a new row?What if I create the same item multiple times?What do I do if I don't have a receipt for an item?What do I do with materials or finished goods that I take out for personal use?How do I unlock a tab or override a formula?How do I account for waste/scraps/damaged trash that I don't use?Do I include sales tax or shipping I paid when I enter inventory materials & supplies?How do I add together multiple materials from the same materials tab on my COGM tab?I'm confused about how to use the overhead tab.Where do I enter non-supply things like tools, equipment, glue, etc?What do I need to do at year end with my inventory spreadsheet?How do I enter resell or print-on-demand inventory in my handmade inventory spreadsheet?My COGS is showing up as negative - what do I do?How do I record something I donated to a charity or gifted in a giveaway?Why do I see hashtags (######) instead of a number?How do I account for labor I paid to complete a project in COGS?I need help with something else.What do I do with inventory supplies I bought BEFORE I started my business?I don't understand what you mean when you say the cost of trash or scraps will "flow" to cost of goods sold. Why doesn't personal use work like that too?How do I filter or sort in Google Sheets?How do I filter or sort in Numbers?